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We have wiggle worms!

ATLAS students this year are challenged every week to put their hands on whatever the lesson is and Mrs. Prathers science class was no exception. There were a couple students, however, that were a little apprehensive about this one. Mr. Seele and Mr. Spencer joined the class to give the kids a lesson on the benefits of Recycling and creating compost. Students learned that Recycling not only has a positive benefit for the environment, but also your back pocket. Things did get a bit slimy though when Mr. Spencer gave the kids the opportunity to play with worms as he explained how the worms were crucial in the creation of compost.  At the end of the day, the kids learned to be aware of our disposable society and ways to not only create greener society, but also put a little green in the back pocket while they are at it. 



Posted on 09/15/2014
Atlas is on Facebook, and liking us is just one of the many ways parents can see all the great things happening here at ATLAS.  more
Posted on 09/12/2014
Mr. Hank Bloomer gave Atlas students an authentic perspective of the Native American in Texas as he put up a 14-foot Teepee, complete with bear skin rug and camp fire.  more
Posted on 09/08/2014
As you walk into Mr. Villa's Science class you might get the impression that things are about to get a little Dicey  more
Posted on 09/08/2014
Team Building in Mrs. Duty’s Class Entering into Mrs. Duty’s class the first week of school might cause you to think “what is a history teacher doing having students construct towers?”   more
Posted on 09/03/2014
Start your morning with a great cup of coffee and find out about all the upcoming events for Atlas.  more
Posted on 08/05/2014
Paige DuPuy and Brigitte Eichenberg, students at the ATLAS Academy, are among the elite history fair performers in the nation.  more
Posted on 05/30/2014
Exceptionally high scores on college entrance exams have resulted in recognition for three Tennyson Middle School students enrolled in the ATLAS Academy.  more
Posted on 05/08/2014
The students tackled Tinker vs. Demoines to address the NHD topic of rights and responsibilities.  more
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